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Simple Grilled Salmon

Doesn’t get much better than ending the weekend with fresh seafood and some brews. This Sunday, I took to the grill and tossed on some fresh Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon has great natural oils that keep the meat moist and flakey however, it will easily stick to the grill (bare side of the cut). To prep your grill, first turn on and allow it to reach at least 350 degrees for a few minutes so that the cooking surface is hot. Brush on a heavy layer of olive oil to the grill cooking surface and quickly toss on the fillet of salmon. I like to cook on the bare meat side first, then finish on the skin side.

Cook each side for 4 minutes (grill at 350 degrees) if the fillet is approx. 1″ thick, adjust as needed for your cut. Remember, don’t over cook fish. Once flipped and the skin is now on the grilling surface, I like to add just a light pinch of salt, pepper and paprika. Salmon has great natural flavor, don’t over season.

The meat will become flakey and the skin crispy. I find it easiest to handle the fillet on the grill with a large grilling spatula rather than tongs. The salmon was served with whole grain brown rice and broccoli cuts.

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