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Reef Reeler Sticker Drive

Free Stickers! Heck Yeah!

Decorate your tackle box, cooler, boat, car, truck, your mother’s car, favorite beer mug with a free Reef Reeler sticker.

Here is how it works:

Step 1Email us at with your name and mailing address and we will mail you a free Reef Reeler sticker (awesome).

Step 2Snap a photo / selfie with the sticker and tag @reefreeler on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or email your photo to Make it funny, get a group a friends, show us your catch with a Reef Reeler sticker in the pic.

Step 3Your photo automatically enters you into a drawing for ongoing prices! The more photos you tag with the Reef Reeler sticker, the more entries you have in the price drawings.


Our goal is to encourage youth into the sport / hobby of fishing, encourage safe boating practices as well as sharing fishing and boating resources in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Turn off the television, put down the Cheetos and take the family out to the beach, toss lines into the water and watch your children’s reaction when pulling up their first fish.

New to Fishing?

We are here to help!  Check out our resources, links, podcasts, videos, blogs and even email us at with any specific questions!

2.5% of our apparel sales is donation to reef foundations and children’s fishing tournaments.

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