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Opah Caught Out Of Ocean City Maryland

Well this is not your typical catch in the Atlantic, actually, this appears to be the first ever recorded Opah caught in Maryland. Captain Austin Ensor and crew of the Primary Search caught this 105.4 pound Opah out by Poor Man’s Canyon on November 12, 2017. What was a normal daytime trip for sword turned into the catch of a lifetime and the talk of Delmarva. But the gang didn’t stop at one, they more recently landed a second Opah weighing in at 159.8 pounds!

Why are Opah so rare?

The Opah, also commonly known as moonfish, are the first known warm-blooded fish in the entire world. The only two living species from the small family “Lampridae” are found in tropical and southern waters (i.e. Hawaii). Opah are able to create body heat with their muscles and store the energy under its layers of fat in order to maintain required internal temperature. Although rarely caught in sport conditions, they are very popular and tasteful in Hawaii and for Sushi Chefs. The meat is light in flavor however less than 40% of the entire mass is consumable. These are prized catches and not too common even in its natural waters.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does not regulate Opah harvest, thus the men were able to keep their prized Opah. Catches like this always get us excited as you never know what is in the waters of the world, specifically what is moving about under your boat each day.

Photo Credit: Fishinoc.com

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