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Mid-Atlantic Inshore Fishing Resources For Beginners and Seasoned Anglers

The Mid-Atlantic inshore fishing scene has much to offer in exciting adventures and catches. Reef Reeler is focused on helping other anglers improve their inshore and coastal bay fishing skills and experiences.  As the Reef Reeler team scours the inshore waters of Maryland and Delaware, we will share fishing insights, reports, tips and tricks.  We will also share helpful How-To and DIY videos for quick reference guides.

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What Defines Inshore?

Inshore vs Offshore is based on depth of water. Inshore is any coastal water 30 meters (98.43ft) in depth or less and offshore is any water depth greater than 30 meters.  If leaving from Ocean City, Maryland, the inshore waters would be within 25 miles of the inlet (heading due East). For comparison, the inshore scene around the Miami, Florida area is less than 3 miles from the coast. The Mid-Atlantic inshore waters offers a vast amount of area for excellent fishing.

Top 9 Mid-Atlantic Inshore Fish Species

In no particular order:

  1. Flounder (Fluke)
  2. Tautog (Tog)
  3. Striper (Rockfish)
  4. Sea Bass
  5. Croaker
  6. Weakfish
  7. Red Drum
  8. Black Drum
  9. Spotted Sea Trout

Many other species will venture into the inshore fishing territories such as bluefish and yellowfin tuna. You never know what might be nearby and hungry!

Check out our blog and video posts for all of our Mid-Atlantic inshore resources for fishing and boating.


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