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Evinrude G2 150hp Performance

We are past the 2 hour break in period and nearing 20 hours total (18 hours to be exact) and each minute of running this new outboard is a thrill.  The team at Evinrude designed and created a high quality and extremely efficient outboard that not only performs well but also looks pretty slick.  Sorry, but the new Mercury’s just missed the mark on styling.

On our 21ft Angler hull weighing about 2,200 lbs dry (3,000 lbs with fuel, tackle and two manly men), it jolts the boat up onto plane in no time.  Be sure to alert anyone onboard when you give it some throttle as the response and torque is a real attention getter.  The top speed on the boat during lake testing was 41 mph however, in the ocean waters with a 1-2ft slow rollers, its around 37 mph.  Yes, yes, the Angler hull has its limitations with speed vs. comfort of which we are looking to make some changes… however, the boat cruises well at 20 to 24 mph with a fuel burn around 3.9 mpg.

Evinrude G2 150hp
Fresh repower with Evinrude G2

Evinrude G2 150hp Efficiency

Trolling: 4 mph @ 8 to 9 mpg (under 600-800 rpm)
Cruise: 22 mph @ 3.9 mpg*
Top Speed: 37 mph @ 2.8 mpg
* Note that the cruise speed is the most comfortable riding speed, not the most efficient speed for the motor.

We are still running the stock aluminum prop (17 pitch) for the purposes of testing durability and performance “right out of the box” and thus far, it has worked very well.

With nearly half of the hours on the motor being trolling speeds, we have burned very little fuel for the 18 hours on the motor. Last weekend I finally decided to top off the 50 gallon tank which only took 23 gallon.  We started the season off in April with a full tank… so yes, only 23 gallon burned for 18 hours! In other words, 8 trips with the boat out to the bay of OCMD, Sinepuxent Bay and a few times hitting near shore reef sites on just 23 gallons ($88).

Charlotte approves of the Evinrude G2

Evinrude G2 Oil Usage

As for oil usage, we started out the season with the on-engine 3 gallon tank full and the Evinrude iCon 3.5 gauge recently displayed 81% remaining. That’s .57 gal used on 23 gallon fuel burn.  40 gallon of fuel to 1 gallon of oil.  We must also mention this includes the “high-oil” burn rate during the first 2 hours of break in.  All in all, we expect to see around 50 gallon of fuel burned to 1 gallon of oil (50:1) ratio moving forward.

In short, we love this motor! I’ve had the coast guard stopping by and asking about it, seen many other government/state boats outfitted with G2s and it’s always fun seeing heads turn as these motors are a rare sight down in the brackish / saltwater grounds. Very quiet, sporty, efficient and best of all is the 2-stroke torque without a hint of smoke or the smell.

Trolling for stripers in Ocean City, Maryland






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