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15 Fishing Gear Essentials When Casting From A Boat

15 Fishing Gear Essentials When Casting From A Boat

For beginners or seasoned freshwater anglers making the transition, this list of 15 fishing gear essentials is designed to get you set in the right direction. Specifics such as lures will vary depending on location and your choice of fisheries.  This list is also in consideration that you will be charting out into the bay waters, intercoastal, inshore and offshore territories via boat. Many items on the list are applicable to shore / pier casting, however I’ve created this list with the thought of casting from a boat and being away from easy access to additional resources.

For the beginner who is new to coastal waters, sailing straight out to the canyon may not be on your list the first year and you may not have a boat to safely navigate those waters. Pelagic fishery equipment for Tuna, Sword, etc will be set aside for another list.

You Have a Boat and Ready to Catch Fish!

Before you set sail, make sure you have your state fishing license (as well as anyone else with you who will cast a line).  See Blog for help!

  1. Rod/Reel (Start out light and affordable)
  2. Line
  3. Tackle – Lures / Bait / Hooks / Terminal
  4. Needle Nose Pliers
  5. Safety Kit
  6. Multi-Function Tool (i.e. Leatherman)
  7. Fresh Water (drinking)
  8. Sunscreen & Hat
  9. Polarized Sunglasses
  10. Gloves
  11. Cooler w/ Ice
  12. Charts and/or Chartplotter
  13. VHF Radio (handheld or fixmount)
  14. Bucket w/ Kitty Litter or Empty 1 gal milk jug cut out (if your boat does not have a head)
  15. Cell Phone w/ Charger or Backup portable charger.

We can expand on every item listed in great length, doing comparisons, pros/cons and what works best for certain applications.  For the sake of this list, the goal is to layout a quick list of items to get started in saltwater fishing from a boat (and also from a pier or surf) making it easy for that first time fisherman to go out with confidence. Our mission at Reef Reeler is to promote the sport of coastal fishing and boating, inspire youth to engage in the sportiness of what our great coasts have to offer and also support the conservation organizations of the region.  We must make the entry into the sport easy, fun and affordable.

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